Andy, Mindfulness Teacher

“Chi helped me with untangling my ideas, doubts, emotions and values regarding what I do for a living. with a friendly but challenging approach, she was there to help me get to the bottom of things. as a result, I am clearer about the values underpinning what I am doing and what I want to do. I CAN NOW OVERCOME INACTION AND CONFUSION. i am ALSO more committed to my wellbeing and more confident in experimenting with my options.”

Jon, Freelance Journalist

 “I really loved it…Your coaching has definitely given me A confidence boost and re-confirmation about who I am as a person…I love your courage and I love the type of energy you generated throughout.”

Nguyet, Business Owner

 “Chi has a great level of energy that makes the coaching sessions fun and lively. In times of stress or anxiety, I now have a variety of exercises to ground myself, becoming less caught up in the head and getting more into the body wisdom.”

Jack, Equity Analyst

“you are both patient and PROACTIVELY supportive – I often felt as if I had a “cheerleader” who congratulated me when I figured something out or identified something profound. applying mindful living techniques have helped me enormously, especially in being with certain emotions and dealing with conflicts.”

Karen, Marketing Executive

“Go with Chi – She will make you laugh at your crazy self, cry for your fragile self, but best of all, after these sessions, you, not her, will be able to empower your own self.”

Anh, PR Specialist 

“Chi is a dynamic coach and an energetic magnet. A creative genius, she helped me break down a problem into manageable chunks and create impactful change. She’s small but might and powerful. I absolutely can’t speak more highly of her.”

                                                                                                                 Nicole, Actress

“Chi is a skilled coach who will let you discover things about yourself you have never seen before. She leads her sessions powerfully and lets you choose an approach that makes the most sense to you.”

Hana, Writer