Writing is my favourite medium of expression. I contribute articles to personal development online magazines and publish e-books. Breathe – On Everyday Happiness, From an Ex-corporate You can purchase the book on Kindle, iBook, Barns & Noble, Kobo and Scribd for USD2.99 or get a free copy by signing up to my mailing list. I am … Continue reading Writings


In my ebook “Breathe – on every day happiness, from an ex-corporate”, I share the seven habits that have helped me develop a happier life since leaving the corporate world. In this seven-week audio series I will help you practise these habits and develop new sources of everyday happiness from there. Please click on the … Continue reading Audios


I believe that the solution to any given problem most likely comes from a change in perspectives. And opening our minds starts with question things we normally don’t. I made these videos on the fly, without any touch-up. I didn’t want the desire to look good to get in the way of sharing on impulse :). You … Continue reading Videos