Workshop: Life creation at re-creation art studio

A wall in re-creation studio

A wall in re-creation studio

I will be offering a lunchtime workshop at re-creation London art studio every Friday. The objective is to give office workers a respite from their work-related stress and connect them to the therapeutic power of creativity.

I want people to see arts purely as expressions, unconstrained by perceptions of beauty or meanings. This workshop will provide a non-judgmental space for participants to explore new possibilities in artistic creations and help them take their learnings to daily life.

Through simple, non-directive arts & crafts exercises that get people out of their thinking heads into their emotive and creative energy, participants will find their own creative expressions. Reflective questions will then help them develop new dimensions of self-awareness and gain new perspectives about life.

Anyone who walks into re-creation studio will immediately get connected to their inner playful child. The place is an oasis amid the hustle and bustle of central London. I feel very lucky to have been given this space to do my work of cultivating individual expressions.

My first creation at re-creation

My first creation at re-creation

Writing: a struggle with confrontation

Yesterday my first piece of writing for publication went live. After that initial moment of excitement, dread took over me. I felt terribly exposed.

It is never easy to see and be accepting of your own lights and shadows. Showing them to others, is a different ball game. As I write, the discomfort of having the deepest part of me in the open is still immense. Yet as a coach, I owe it to my clients to show up courageously with my vulnerability. My work is about connections and the only type of connections I want is heart-to-heart.

So here it is, a story from my heart.

Workshop: Dressing as expression

To the surprise of those who first hear about it, my”dressing as expression” workshop has nothing to do with fashion, or beauty for that matter. It is about seeing a new possibility for one of the smallest things in daily life.

Putting clothes on means different things to different people – some see it as purely functional, others seek comfort, beauty or projection of a certain image. I want to introduce a new dimension, where people play with clothes as a form of expressions.

I launched this experimental workshop at TradeSchool Westminster yesterday. As I went with my instinct in the design, it was lovely to see how naturally people embraced it. Their creativity in deconstructing a personally and societally ingrained concept needed only an invitation to blossom. They created with confidence and learnt with fascination the way children do before their innate playfulness is lost in life’s many perceived boundaries.


Creativity needs not be hard work and is certainly not reserved for the trained professionals alone.  It will come every time you allow a little time and space in your life to question, try, fail and celebrate.


Web-based talk show: Corporate life is hell – you are just the leader to change that

I chose to leave the corporate world but I have not given up on it. I long to bring back humanness to businesses. In fact, recent developments in the start-up and corporate worlds suggest that it will be a matter of survival for tomorrow’s businesses to go back to basic with how they manage their resources, work with their suppliers and serve their end-users. It is about going beyond numbers to see people as human beings, going beyond transactions to foster real human connections and going beyond profits to create positive impacts in the world.

It was therefore with great pleasure that I joined the core team behind a web-based talk show that aims to inspire individuals to change their corporate life for the better. The show has been given the catchy name of “Corporate life is hell” with the hidden message of “Corporate life is hell, so what will you do about it?”

Please tune in every first and third Wednesday of the month!

Talk: Unlock happiness by knowing what work means to you

On July 29th, I gave a talk on the meanings of work and happiness at a charity sector networking event. While people often go to talks to learn something, I deliberately avoided giving advice. I introduced perspectives and invited people to think for themselves. I was thrilled to see this coaching principle of empowerment working so well in only a few minutes. The room was filled with energy as everyone was given the time, space and encouragement to find their own answers.