My work

Personal coaching

Your coaching journey is unique – your needs ultimately determine the trajectory of your programme with me. The three questions I generally help people with are:

“What do I want?”

You have done what is expected of you but still, something is missing in your life. You feel drawn to different pursuits and making a choice seems impossible. You are not sure what you really want, after all…

“What’s next?”

You have just reached a significant milestone in life but the sense of gratification is short-lived. You are confused by the hollowness that seems to set in when you think about the next goal to set yourself…

“What can I do?”

You have thought about your problem long and hard, assessing it from all the different angles you could think of. You have sought advice. You know what you should do. Still, you cannot get rid of the stress. You feel utterly stuck.

If we are to work together, you will typically start with a three-month programme in person or over the phone/Skype.

Sales coaching

If, like many early-stage entrepreneurs I know, you are uncomfortable with the mainstream approach to sales, get in touch to learn more about my “Stop Selling, Start Connecting” coaching programme, which will help you engage your audience and sell in the way that is most “organic” to you. Moving beyond what to say, I will help you maximise your impact by drawing on the power of your purpose and leaning on your natural strengths in creating connection.

This programme is about selling your way!


I work to bring more authenticity, creativity and kindness to the world. As such, I run a number of workshops under these themes – get in touch if you are interested.


  • Embody your values

Experiencing the power of values in shifting perspectives through the body

  • Stop selling, start connecting

Engaging potential clients with passion, purpose and presence


  • Unleash your creative power

Connecting with different creative modes through experiences of art and crafts, writing, music, movement and nature

  • Reclaim your lunch break

Simple creative exercises with reflective questions to take away stress and bring helpful insight to daily life


  • Listen for connection

Listening with presence, attention and intention as an act of kindness