About me

Corridor (2)My story

Everything seems fine and yet somehow the life you lead does not feel quite right?

I have been there.

I grew up in a country where original thoughts and freedom of expression were not encouraged. Schooling was about doing exactly what you were told and conformity was the way of life. At risk of losing my sense of self, I decided that I would have to find a way of leaving.

My chance came when I won a scholarship to go to Singapore at the age of fifteen and a half. My world opened up in this multicultural society, but again, there seemed to be only one way of being in this new country, and it was not mine… so I left again, at the age of eighteen, to a brand-new continent.

After college and university in England, I entered the corporate world, working for a major investment bank in the City of London. I realised that to thrive in this environment, I would have to behave in ways that were not truly ‘me’. On one hand, I wanted to live that ordinary, comfortable life like everyone else around me. On the other, I could not see myself being a part of it.

The emotional costs of living an unfulfilled life were so great that I eventually left my job.

Reinventing my life has not been easy, yet it is in this place of uncertainty and challenge that I feel the deepest sense of belonging. You can find out about the lessons I have learnt along the way in my book on everyday happiness, “Breathe”. To get it for free, please click here.

Why ChoiceCoaching

My life to date has been driven forward by a desire for ‘freedom to be’. To me, it is about freedom of thought and individual expression with choice being at the centre of it all.  Freedom of thought gives you choice, always. How you live your values, pursue your dreams or simply “get by”, is an expression of choices you have consciously or sub-consciously made.

Choice brings confusion; making a choice can hurt, but knowing you have a choice is empowering. It gives you a sense of purpose and a feeling of ownership over your life.

I coach to empower people with choice and see it bring them alive.

I coach to wake people up from the slumber of daily life and take them to their dreams.

I coach because I believe whoever you are, wherever you are in your life, there is more to you and your experience of this world.