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About me

My story Everything seems fine and yet somehow the life you lead does not feel quite right? I have been there. I grew up in a country where original thoughts and freedom of expression were not encouraged. Schooling was about doing exactly what you were told and conformity was the way of life. At risk of losing … Continue reading About me


Authenticity is at the heart of my work. Society makes us feel that we have to be in a certain way with certain achievements to feel enough, to be worthy of love, and to be free of shame. How could that be right when we are all different? How could that be right when the technological breakthroughs, business miracles and mind-blowing … Continue reading Authenticity

My work

Personal coaching Your coaching journey is unique – your needs ultimately determine the trajectory of your programme with me. The three questions I generally help people with are: “What do I want?” You have done what is expected of you but still, something is missing in your life. You feel drawn to different pursuits and making … Continue reading My work