Workshop: Building together, and the work is what matters


I gave a workshop on World’s Laughter Day on embodying your values. It was my first time being a workshop leader for the Museum of Happiness. Someone asked me how it felt to “give” this way and I said that it was not about giving, it was about building together. For me the experience was no difference from that of being a participant – giving or receiving, we were all there to connect to kindred spirits. We were there to be part of a community of shared values. Few things in life beat meeting people that get you and staying in touch with those that support you no matter what.


I was also asked why I got involved with the Museum of Happiness. The answer did not come to me instantly, because there was nothing in the form of a result for myself that I was after. It was about joining force with others who shared my values to take action on what we were passionate about, in this case, compassion, community, creativity and mindfulness/consciousness.

I remember a time in the past when I thought that because I personally could not do anything about the big issues that really mattered in the world, there was no point trying at all. I now feel strongly that the value of work and life is in the expression of one’s purpose and beliefs, regardless of the scale of impact created.  I care about spreading kindness and joy so I do my part, whether that affects one life or a million. The work is the same. The work itself is what matters to me.

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