Training: The power of the body

Quite early on in my coaching training programme, I realised that it was my intellectual mind that kept me locked in a world of troubles. Coaching conversations mostly failed to “evoke transformation” in me, unless I was taken out of my head into my body. The mind that took me where I was could not take me further on the new journey that I had embarked on.

So I started looking into techniques and practices that helped me get to know my own body and its wisdom better. My daily life was enhanced by a heightened awareness of my body at all times and in times of emotional crises, it was always the body that saved me. When I let the body worked through my internal messes, my state was transformed without any rational explanation at all.

I went into 2016 with a resolution to go deeper in my work with the body and I have started on two completely different schools of training. I am getting bolder in taking my clients through coaching sessions that are almost entirely body-based and few things make me more excited than seeing how these work for them.

I have now developed a coaching programme that makes every entrepreneur an effective salesperson in their own way, with their body – no fancy techniques, just authenticity!

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