Writing: My e-book on everyday happiness

When someone gave me the idea of creating an e-book, I instantly knew what I would write about. I started working on the same day and finished the first draft in four afternoons – the writing took on a spirit of its own. It was never about creating a perfect product for sale. This work was about living a purpose.

Happiness is a saturated topic but it is never exhausted. In writing this book, I did not hope to impart wisdom that was not already out there. I simply wanted to share a personal story that in its full honesty, would be helpful to others. I spent years feeling that my directness was a shortcoming. With this book, I am owning that trait. I am also owning the vulnerability that defines authenticity. To acknowledge how my corporate experience did not have to be as miserable as it was, is to face my past denial and insecurity. This work is about the coach that I am and the writer that I am becoming.

If you are curious about the seven habits that bring me everyday happiness, you can purchase the book here. This is probably the shortest book you have ever come across so rest assured that you will have time for it :).

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