Workshop: Dressing as expression

To the surprise of those who first hear about it, my”dressing as expression” workshop has nothing to do with fashion, or beauty for that matter. It is about seeing a new possibility for one of the smallest things in daily life.

Putting clothes on means different things to different people – some see it as purely functional, others seek comfort, beauty or projection of a certain image. I want to introduce a new dimension, where people play with clothes as a form of expressions.

I launched this experimental workshop at TradeSchool Westminster yesterday. As I went with my instinct in the design, it was lovely to see how naturally people embraced it. Their creativity in deconstructing a personally and societally ingrained concept needed only an invitation to blossom. They created with confidence and learnt with fascination the way children do before their innate playfulness is lost in life’s many perceived boundaries.


Creativity needs not be hard work and is certainly not reserved for the trained professionals alone.  It will come every time you allow a little time and space in your life to question, try, fail and celebrate.


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