Web-based talk show: Corporate life is hell – you are just the leader to change that

I chose to leave the corporate world but I have not given up on it. I long to bring back humanness to businesses. In fact, recent developments in the start-up and corporate worlds suggest that it will be a matter of survival for tomorrow’s businesses to go back to basic with how they manage their resources, work with their suppliers and serve their end-users. It is about going beyond numbers to see people as human beings, going beyond transactions to foster real human connections and going beyond profits to create positive impacts in the world.

It was therefore with great pleasure that I joined the core team behind a web-based talk show that aims to inspire individuals to change their corporate life for the better. The show has been given the catchy name of “Corporate life is hell” with the hidden message of “Corporate life is hell, so what will you do about it?”

Please tune in every first and third Wednesday of the month!

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